Sunday, October 26, 2008

Police Cars from Around the World [30 PICS]

Here's a Collection of police cars in different shapes, sizes, colors, from different corners of the world.

Toronto Police Car

Bermuda Police Car

New York Police Car

Korea Police Car

France Police Car

Finland Police Car

Czech Republic Federal Police Car

Italian City Of Bologna Police Car

New Zealand Police Car

Saigon, Vietnam Police Car

Madrid, Spain Police Car

Vienna, Austria Police Car

Nevada Police Car

Italy Police Car

English-Bavarian Police Car

Swedish Police Car

Taiwan Police Car

St. Petersburg, Russia Police Car

Shanghai, China Police Car

Japan Police Car

Buenos Aires, Argentina Police Car

London, UK Police Car

Liechtenstein Police Car

Vancouver Police Car

Barcelona, Spain Police Car

Jerusalem Police Jeep

Germany Police Car

Australian Police Car

Belgium Police Car

Tijuana, Mexico Police Car


Rick said...

Your Toronto police car is at least 2 versions perhaps 3 old. We haven't had yellow cars in at least 10 years, perhaps more.

Ymer said...

If you even think about trying to get away from a police-car in Italy you might just shoot yourself then and there then try to get away from one of those rods.

Peterborough Boy said...

The car featured as a Toronto Police Cruiser is from 2 decades ago! Today the T.O. cops drive Impalas and Chargers. From the license plate (which is newer) I'd say that this is a privately owned car that was being used in a parade or other function. Great collection of photos.

Anonymous said...

That picture of the Toronto car is like 40 years old ... man you really need to update your pictures ... especially when you are trying to compare similar era cars. If you had the caveat that the cars were from different times then fine but that is not the case is it!! Get your facts right!!!!

fer said...

Mexico City's police cars are Dodge Chargers also...

Jessica said...

That Toronto one is ancient.

Niels said...

No Dutch police car?! >:

Admin said...

Hello guyz i have replaced the picture of toronto police car.

Anonymous said...

the london police car is the best the lamborghini

Ignacio said...

The Madrid "Police car" is not the Police.

Ignacio said...

The Madrid "Police car" is not the Police.

Dakie said...

where is the dutch police car. The graphic design of the dutch police is the best

Anonymous said...

The Toronto cruiser is with the latest paint scheme. Only the light bar has changed recently. 20 years ago the blue/red stripes used by the then Metro Toronto Police was horizontal and thicker. As for 40 years ago it was solid yellow.

Term papers said...

I think these are nice brands of cars. These are the latest and the entirely new variety of police cars.

Essay Writing said...

The Police Cars from Around the World and the 30 different pictures of cars are really nice one to watch and I think the Police should needs to be the best car of your country because it give them comforter for the police men.

Custom Home Detailing said...

These are some really good pics. Some of the cars are nice. I will show this to the class. Good job.

Trabajar Desde Tu Casa said...

The Italian cop car is sweet!

Anonymous said...

Where is the dutch police car.??

Anonymous said...

The Barcelona's car does not belong to the Spanish police, but to the Catalan autonomous police.

Anonymous said...

In mexico the 80% of police cars are dodge charger and F150