Sunday, July 27, 2008

The 5 Most Embarrasing Moments Of Nintendo’s E3 Conference

It’s easy to just forget this year’s Nintendo conference, pretend it never happened, or ignore it entirely. That won’t change the fact that by and large, it was a miserable trainwreck of failure and easily the company’s worst in history. What went wrong? Oh, about a thousand things, really, but nobody has time to relive it. That’s why we here at have truncated the list into something a bit more consumable. Pure, concentrated embarrassment. Enjoy.

#5 - Cammy Dunaway Talks About Her Failed Snowboarding Trip

Months of anticipation! Millions of sales! The spotlight is on you, Nintendo! Oh man, they’re totally going to announce the next Zel…who the f*ck is this?!? Cammy Dunaway’s Snowy Getaway was not exactly the megaton us gamers expected. She looked about one facelift away from approaching Joan Rivers status and the meds were definitely in full effect. Whoever thought her snowboard trip injury photos would make a great segue way to the announcement of Shaun White Snowboarding should be buried under an avalanche.

#4 - Reggie Promises Software For Core Gamers And Then Gives Us The Middle Finger

I swear! There’s more than just casual crap here! Animal Crossing: City Folk and Wii Sports Resort were not exactly what we had in mind when we were promised hardcore games a few weeks back. Your grandmother will be happy to hear about how things went down today (if she can still hear anything) but color us disappointed. What happened to Nintendo’s multi billion dollar war chest? Was all the money spent on toddler market research and adult diapers?

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